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Welcome to Incheon

INU is a comprehensive, student-focused university.

You may be making up your mind about where you want to spend the next four years and we invite you to start your future in Incheon by joining our venerable University. We are passionate about providing you with an education of uncompromising quality and opportunity. Our commitment to academic excellence is paired with an unrelenting devotion to innovative research, global education and offering our students real-world internship experiences. INU is a place to study and learn, but it is also a supportive environment to follow your passion, grow and as our slogan says, be INspired.
Studying at INU allows you to explore and understand the world. INU is home to about 13,000 students and this gives you the opportunity to meet and work with students and faculty from all around the world. Come explore, learn and create in Incheon – the heart of Northeast Asia.


July 29, 2016

Inauguration of Dr. Cho Dong-sung as the 15th President of Incheon National University.

January 18, 2013

Establishment of Incheon National University as an incorporated flagship National University.

March 1, 2010

Merger with Incheon Technical University.

July 30, 2009

Opening of the new campus in Songdo.

March 1, 1994

Foundation of the University of Incheon.

October 29, 1988

Granted university status.

March 12, 1979

Foundation of Incheon Technical College

Facts and Figures

We are one of the largest universities in South Korea with nearly 14,000 enrolled students and 500 full-time faculty at three campuses. We enroll roughly 2,800 new students every year. Ninety-six percent of our students complete their degree and six out of ten (63%) of our recent graduates go straight into employment or continued studies. By 2020, at least 10% of our full-time faculty will be international and 30% of our courses will be offered in English. In addition, 500 of our students will study abroad each year in English speaking countries to enhance their global competency.
Field Enrollment
Humanities 1,182
Natural Sciences 1,129
Social Science 588
Global College 1,531
Engineering 2,791
Informationa Technology 1,133
Business Management 768
Arts and Physical Education 1,077
Education 478
Urban Science 1,104
Life Science 505
Northeast Asia Trade 505
Graduate School 1,363
Total 13,822

Organizational Chart

The chart below outlines the reporting structure of the University's major units. Click on the image to enlarge.

External Relations

The Office of External Affairs handles national and international public relations. It brings together units responsible for coordinating public/private partnerships, influencing public policy, managing government relations and promoting the university's brand.


Incheon National University's is continually investing in the University's grounds, buildings, technology and facilities to provide students, faculty and staff with a safe, modern, clean and environmentally sustainable surroundings.
Main Campus

The main campus in Songdo is home to most of INU's academic programs, headquarters, student housing and recreation/service facilities. It is a new modern campus built from the scratch in 2009 on the Incheon waterfront and within walking distance of Central Park.

Michuhol Campus

The Michuhol Campus in Songdo includes the College of Education, Northeast Asia Logistic Center, Foreign Language Institute and other research centers. This state-of-art facility is at the center of Songdo's technopark and adjacent to the new Hyundai shopping mall.

Jemulpo Campus

The Jemulpo Campus is the original INU campus in Incheon, which is now home to the business incubator complex and the Continuing Education College. Jemulpo is a historical port and is often referred to as Incheon's 'china town' as it is a center of international culture in the city.