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Advance your career with graduate studies at INU.

As a graduate student at INU, you will acquire the advanced knowledge and skills needed to tackle global challenges. Our graduate programs pair academics with opportunities for research and hands-on collaboration with industry, government and nonprofit partners so that you can find and pursue your passion.
  • Choose a graduate program.
  • Know submission dates & deadlines.
  • Check requirements & illegibility.
  • Prepare required documents.
  • File your application on time.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Attend your interview if needed.
  • Check to see if you are accepted.
  • Register and pay tuition.
Application & Guide

Steps for Admission

After you select your graduate program, the first step is to complete and submit your application along with all of the required documents by the deadline. You will then need to check the Graduate School's website to see if you have been accepted. Finally, after you are accepted, login to the INU Portal to register for classes, print your invoice and pay your tuition fee during the registration period, which is usually the week prior to the start of the semester.
Item Dates Notes
Online Application Open

From Oct. 22, 2018

- Fill out the online application.
- http://admission.inu.ac.kr
Online Application Submission

Nov.2(Fri) ~ Nov.9,2018(Fri)

- Application submission is available online only.
- Click the "제출/Submit" button to submit the application.
If applicant fails to submit an Online Application, his/her application will not be accepted.
Required Document Submission

November 17

- Submit the Application Documents via registered mail or in person.
- After submitting the application online, applicants must submit the required documents. This includes a printed copy of the online application. (The document list can be found on page 5 of this guide.)
- Applicants without all the required documents will be rejected.
(Documents are only accepted via mail with a postmark dated no later than Nov. 16, 2018.)
(Applicants should keep a copy of the shipping receipt.)
Interview Nov.29(Thurs) ~ Nov.30,2018(Fri) - Interviews are conducted at either the Songdo campus or through Skype. (Mark your preference on the online application form.)
- Interview Notices are posted on the INU website.
INU Korean Proficiency Test Nov.29,2018(Thurs) - If you want to apply for this test, mark the “INU Test” box on the online application form.
- Test Noticeswill be posted on the Admissions Office of INU website. (http://admission.inu.ac.kr)
Announcement of Admissions Dec.6,2018(Thurs) Tentative The Announcement of Admissions notices are posted on the Admissions Office of INU website.
※Individual notifications are not provided.
Course Registration &Tuition Payment Jan.21(Mon) ~ Jan. 25, 2019(Fri) - The tuition bill is available on the "Announcement of Admissions" website page
Start of Semester March 4, 2019 The 2019 Spring semester starts.
Orientation for Freshman and International Students March 4, 2019 (Tentative) Time and venue will be announced by the International Service Center on their webpage (http://isc.inu.ac.kr)

Preparing Your Application

Before you apply, make sure you throughly understand and meet the minimum admission requirements as outlined in the complete graduate application guide that is also summarized below.
Basic Requirement

Master's degree applicants should have or are expected to earn a Bachelor's degree, have received a Bachelor's degree or have been recognized by the Korean Minister of Education as having the equivalent academic experience according to relevant law.

Similarly, Doctoral degree applicants should have or are expected to earn a Master's degree, have received a Master's degree or have been recognized by the Korean Minister of Education as having the equivalent academic experience according to relevant law.

Early admission applicants should meet one of the following conditions: 1) Overall GPA for undergraduate coursework is 3.0 (out of 4.5) or higher (B or above average); or 2) have a minimum of 3 years experience in the relevant field to which he/she is applying.

Language Proficiency
Meet one of the following conditions:
  • Certificate of Korean Proficiency Test Score : TOPIK Level 3 or higher.
  • Certificate of English Proficiency Test Score : TOEFL (PBT(550), CBT(210), IBT(80)), IELTS(5.5), TEPS(600), TOEIC(700) or higher.
  • For those who graduated (expected to graduate) in English speaking countries (U.S.A., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand), the Certificate of Graduation or Diploma can be substituted for Certificate of English Proficiency Test Score.
  • For applicants who completed their 4-year bachelor's degree in the English medium, but not from an English speaking country, a English Proficiency Letter describing your English proficiency by your advising professor from your undergraduate or master’s program.

Gather Your Supporting Documents

In addition to the your general application, you need to submit the supporting documents listed below with your application in order to be considered for graduate admission. Some departments may also require other materials they need for making admission decisions. Visit the website of the department to which you will apply to check for any additional requirements.
1. Completed Graduate Application Forms
2. Certificate of (expected) Graduation (Degree)
3. Transcript(s) of college academic records
4. Letter of Recommendation from professor in your major
5. For PhD applicants: research experience or publications within the last 4 years
6. Resume / Curriculum Vitae
7. For those applicants whose previous major differs from the graduate fields of study: certificate of Eligibility for the Field of Study by Department chair
8. Certificate of Credit Recognition
9. Copy of passport
10. Study plan
11. For non-native speakers of English or Korean: certificate of Korean or English Proficiency Test Score

12. Record of Bank Balance

You must submit a statement of a bank balance of more than USD 15,000 or equivalent in the name of your financial sponsor (a parent) or the applicant that is dated within 3 months before your application.

13. Letter of Consent for Degree Verification and additional degree verification documents depending on country
14. For Chinese students: (1) copy of identification card, (2) copy of Household Register, copy of Household Register, (3) Photocopy of Alien Registration Card, (4) two passport size photos, (5) Verification Report of China Higher Education Qualification Certificate and (6) Certificate of Death (Only if parent(s) is/are deceased)
15. For overseas Koreans: (1) Certificate of Registration of Korean Nationals Residing Abroad and (2) Certificate of the Entry/Exit (issued by the Immigration office)

Before applying, please read the following guidance.

Full instructions appear in the graduate application guide, but below are some important notes that may address some of your questions and help you apply to a graduate program.
Acceptance and admission shall be canceled under the following disqualifying condition (Paid tuition fees and other will not be refunded): if the information on the documents submitted or the former degree (Bachelor's, Master's) is found to be falsified, acceptance and admission shall be denied.
Documents submitted will not be modified, canceled, and returned and application fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Those who have graduated or are expected to graduate in a foreign country must submit the notarized copy of certificate of (expected) graduation and transcript with the university contact address(es) for degree verification purposes.
Those who have not graduated at the time of application must submit an notarized copy of certificate of graduation and transcript before matriculation.
Any matter not specified in this admissions guide regarding international admissions is subject to the decision of the University's Graduate School Admission Committee.
If your Transcript, Certificate of Graduation, Certificate of Degree or Diploma, Household Register (HUKOUBU) and Certificate of Family Relations are not issued in English, then they must be accompanied by the notarized Korean translation.
Foreign students residing in Korea should submit a photocopy of his/her Alien Registration Card.